Our Evolutionary Heritage

Wow.  Where do I start?  Perhaps the monkey movies (Planet of the Apes franchise) have precipitated this ridiculous line of inquiry that I feel I must respond. So many evolutionary-believing folks would like to point out, erringly, that we are so very close to our primate brethren that it’s ridiculous we should exist in any sort of antagonistic relationship with them. Yeah, I’m sorry, but even humans discovered in remote locations engage in cannibalism, as have multiple ape communities, including those where individuals show clear signs that they strongly disapprove. Congratulations.  We humans are primates.  We feel, deeply, even for the fall of our closely related, even distantly related species We are not, however, apes,  for reasons different than their cute monkey-face cuddlisms (anthropomorphisms). Truth be told, some apes attack, kill, and devour other apes, even within their own local groups, the same as some of the more remote societies […]