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Character: Casting Shadows

Friday, January 13, 2017, we’re covering Chapter 2 of our text:  Gotham Writers’ Workshop, Writing Fiction. A woman who taught creative writing in a pediatrics ward once asked a thirteen year old girl, “Why do you enjoy reading?”  After a few minutes of continued reading, the girl looked up at the woman and said, “Because I get to meet lots of different people.” “When you read fiction, you are, first and foremost, meeting people.  Characters are the core of a story and interact with or influence every other element of fiction.  Characters are what drive a story, carrying the reader from the first to the last page, making readers care.” Join us this evening as we examine Character:  Casting Shadows, exploring the human nature of our characters in an altogether new light: – The Beat of Desire – Human Complexity, including contrasting traits and consistency – The Ability to Change […]

M. L. Rowland

M. L. Rowland Visits CSWriters!

M. L. Rowland, accomplished author of murder-mystery novels with a search and rescue theme, graced our group this evening.  She discussed a myriad of topics, including the distinguishing features between mystery, thriller, and suspense, as well as how she began writing novels, some of the backstories behind her characters, and where she’s going from here. Join CSWriters on to meet other great novelists and learn more about the writing craft!

CSWriters on Facebook

CSWriters is now on Facebook!

Following a suggestion from one of our members, I decided to create a Facebook group where our members could share our group with their friends.  It’s a “closed group” only in the sense that not everyone on the planet can become a member.  Current members must add their friends to the group.  Here’s what our page looks like:

back to basics

CSWriters Goes Back to Basics…

I’m really looking forward to continuing our group on  It’s not that I’m a huge fan of Meetup.  It’s that I’m a huge fan of CSWriters. Formerly WritersWrite!, CSWriters has taken shape as the premier small group writing group here in Colorado Springs.  Some groups charge $30 per meeting.  Our membership dues are 100 times lower, just a quarter per meeting, payable in $12 per year.  For that price, you get the same benefits of larger groups, including guest speakers, world-class material, discussion groups, and critique nights.  Moreover, we’re not stingy with critiquing one another’s work.  Our group is for serious writers!  Other groups meet once a month.  Other groups select three members to critique. Here are CSWriters, we offer world-class content, discussion, and critique sessions each and every week to all attendees.  For a quarter. We’re not in it to make money.  We do this because we love […]

typewriter and wine

First CSWriters Meeting Back on Meetup!

CSWriters is back on Meetup!  On Thursday, August 20, CSWriters met at our usual place (Agia Sophia) and time (6:30 pm) to discuss the fine art of writing, critique one another’s work, and have fun.  Naturally, it was a success, with one individual returning who sort of lost us for a month as we transitioned to and then back to CSWriters on Why did we transition to, and why are we back up on Meetup? We left Meetup on July 5th because their rates are just too darn high.  It should not cost any company $190 a year to provide a couple of megabytes of storage space and the same automated tools duplicated over tens of thousands of Meetup groups.  So, we moved to i.e. this website. We moved back because the WordPress plugins for duplicating Meetup’s functions are not mature enough to seamlessly handle the […]