CSWriters Goes Back to Basics…

back to basics

I’m really looking forward to continuing our group on Meetup.com.  It’s not that I’m a huge fan of Meetup.  It’s that I’m a huge fan of CSWriters.

Formerly WritersWrite!, CSWriters has taken shape as the premier small group writing group here in Colorado Springs.  Some groups charge $30 per meeting.  Our membership dues are 100 times lower, just a quarter per meeting, payable in $12 per year.  For that price, you get the same benefits of larger groups, including guest speakers, world-class material, discussion groups, and critique nights.  Moreover, we’re not stingy with critiquing one another’s work.  Our group is for serious writers!  Other groups meet once a month.  Other groups select three members to critique.

Here are CSWriters, we offer world-class content, discussion, and critique sessions each and every week to all attendees.  For a quarter.

We’re not in it to make money.  We do this because we love writing and helping others become better writers.  All dues go towards paying for this website ($25 / year) and our site on Meetup.com ($190 / year).  If we have any left over at the end of the year, we throw a party – yeah!

When I say, “Back to Basics,” I mean just that.  I recently uploaded two lists of literary terms used by AP high school students and college freshman in their first English courses.  Our next event, Workshop: Twenty Ways to Become Better Writers, includes our proprietary critique method, “Tre Critique,” along with a roundtable discussion of more than 100 ways to become a better writer.  After sharing our thoughts, we’ll come up with twenty or so of the best approaches and publish it to our members.

Join us!

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