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The Craft: Member-Lead, Round-Table Review and Discussion

August 4, 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

6:00 – 7:30:  The Craft:  Member-Lead, Round-Table Review and Discussion:  

Grab a cup of joe, maybe a plate from Agia Sophia’s enjoyable menu, sit back, and relax. Catch up with old friends. Make some new ones.  Then…

Between study materials, we commonly review what we’ve learned to date.  Tonight, we will have a member-lead (that’s you guys and gals!), round-table discussion wherein we discuss the following sources (and more), particularly with respect to how they complement one another.  If you’re stuck in your writing and can’t move forward, now’s a great time to get help from the rest of the group.  If you’d like to share some insight above and beyond what any of the texts we’ve studied have covered, by all means, bring it on!  If there’s an idea or concept you’d like to explore further, toss it into the ring, add your two cents, and let’s get the discussion going.

I will be producing some materials for the group, but if you have found good resources and want to share them with the rest of the group, please print out 10 copies of each resource and bring them with you to the meeting.  Please limit your printouts to two pages (front and back) per resource, and up to three resources total.  Remember, each person only has ten minutes.  Better one resource for a good, in-depth discussion than three short and shallow discussions.  Also, please watch the copyright violations.

– Save the Cat! by Edward Blake

– The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction by C. S. Lakin

– The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler

– The Gotham Writer’s Workshop on Writing Fiction

– The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing by the Editors of Readers Digest, along with 77 highly successful and accomplished novelists

– The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters by Wendy Burt-Thomas

– Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King

– Editor-Proof Your Writing – 21 Steps to the Clear Prose Publishers and Agents Crave by Don McNair

– Anything about Copyright, Trademark, or Patent law (I will have my legal textbooks up for reference)

– Anything about writing software:  For novels, yWriter6, Sonar (submission tracking tool), Scrivener, and others; For scripts, Celtx, Highland, Fade In, and the industry standard, Final Draft.

– Any of Simon Haynes (programmer of yWriter and many others) Articles on Writing

– Any of Randy Ingermanson’s Stuff

– Anything else dealing specifically with writing novels and what we’ve covered over the last 2-1/2 years

By “member-lead, round-table discussion,” I mean each of you will have about ten minutes to toss out some ideas, ask questions, and otherwise lead an open group discussion on any subject we’ve studied over the last 2-1/2 years.  This isn’t a presentation, but an opportunity for you to guide the group discussion focusing on a topic of your choice.  🙂

Homework:  Please come prepared with a list of comments, questions, or concerns for your segment of the group-lead discussion.

Finally, if you took my copy of the Gotham Writer’s Workshop on Writing Fiction (yellow, with my name across the top), then please bring it back.  I still need it.  Thank you.

7:30 – 9:00:  Tre Critique

Tre Critique is  three-member team approach to more dynamic and informative critiques of our work.  By both giving and receiving two critiques each week, the quality of your writing will improve at a rapid pace and reach high quality in the shortest possible time.

Please bring two (and only two) printed copies of your latest work using the following format:

• 12-pt Times New Roman or other commonly-used, legible font (courier, bookman, garamond, calibri, etc.)

• Up to 6 pages or 1,500 words, whichever comes first.  Please include a short synopsis of the story up to the beginning of your selection.

• 1″ margins, double-spaced lines, and indented paragraphs (no additional lines after a paragraph).

Please number and staple your pages. If you have scene breaks, please show them with a number symbol, asterisk, or tildes centered on a line.

Please refrain from discussions during reading and critique periods.  If you’re not participating in the critique, feel free to hang out and write, but please keep things “library” quiet until after all critiques are complete.

See you there!