First CSWriters Meeting Back on Meetup!

typewriter and wine

CSWriters is back on Meetup!  On Thursday, August 20, CSWriters met at our usual place (Agia Sophia) and time (6:30 pm) to discuss the fine art of writing, critique one another’s work, and have fun.  Naturally, it was a success, with one individual returning who sort of lost us for a month as we transitioned to and then back to CSWriters on

Why did we transition to, and why are we back up on Meetup?

We left Meetup on July 5th because their rates are just too darn high.  It should not cost any company $190 a year to provide a couple of megabytes of storage space and the same automated tools duplicated over tens of thousands of Meetup groups.  So, we moved to i.e. this website.

We moved back because the WordPress plugins for duplicating Meetup’s functions are not mature enough to seamlessly handle the tasks.  We also moved back to due to its huge funnel of finding new members.  We tried for a month, but not one new individual came to us from having seen us on  In time, if their viewership increases dramatically, we might revisit the issue.  For now, however, we’re back on, and judging by the fifteen new members who signed up in the last week alone, it was the right decision. 🙂

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