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Kress – BME – Ch 1 – The Very Beginning: Your Opening Scene

6:00 – 7:30:  The Craft:  Kress’ Beginnings, Middles & Ends – The Very Beginning:  Your Opening Scene Join us as we embark on a new journey!  “Translating that initial flash of inspiration into a complete story requires careful crafting. So how do you keep your story from beginning slowly, floundering midway, and trailing off at the end? Nancy Kress shows you effective solutions for potential problems at each stage of your story—essential lessons for strong start-to-finish storytelling.” Homework:  Order the book!  It takes a week for it to arrive.  Read Chapter 1 before arriving. 7:30 – 9:00:  Tre Critique Tre Critique is  three-member team approach to more dynamic and informative critiques of our work.  By both giving and receiving two critiques each week, the quality of your writing will improve at a rapid pace and reach high quality in the shortest possible time.  Variations resulting from uneven groups include two and […]


The Craft:  Swain’s Creating Characters – Ch 10 – The Role of Roles

Update:  As we have eight more chapters to go and I’d like to finish Swain’s Creating Characters before the end of May, please read Chapter 9’s Wild Cards on your own before Friday.  We’ll spending the first 15-20 minutes beginning at 6 pm covering “what goes into building an offbeat character” before moving on to Chapter 10. 6:00 – 7:30:  The Craft:  Swain’s Creating Characters – Ch 10 – The Role of Roles – How Do You Treat a Hero? We would all like to create the perfect hero, one that’s enjoyable to write and memorable to our fans forever!  However, we writers sometimes forget that we’re writing stories, works of fiction, novels, even — all of which must encompass much more than our heroes.  We also forget that a hero can be completely different than what we’re used to seeing. A hero can be many things, but in all their […]