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The Craft: Swain’s Creating Characters, Chapter 2

6:00 – 7:30:  The Craft:  Swain’s Creating Characters, Chapter 2:  Searching Out Your Characters Grab a cup of joe, maybe a plate from Agia Sophia’s enjoyable menu, sit back, and relax. Catch up with old friends. Make some new ones.  Then… Last Friday we covered Chapter 3 of Gerke’s First 50 Pages, where once again, we revisited key elements of Mastering the Craft. Tonight we’ll be cracking open Chapter 2 of Dwight V. Swain’s Creating Characters:  How to Build Story People.  “Building a character begins with deciding which character to build.”  One can’t template a character and expect good things.  Although knowing the character archetypes described by Vogler in “The Writer’s Journey” can be very helpful, your character must feel right and sit well with you.  You’re looking for a character “who both fits your story’s requirements and excites you.”  “Finding a character means personifying — that is, giving human form […]