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The Seven Deadly Elements of a Drop-Dead Gorgeous Elevator Pitch

Last night we learned about The Seven Deadly Elements of a Drop-Dead Gorgeous Elevator Speech (Pitch).  We learned that it doesn’t really matter whether you’re pitching an idea to the boss in big business or pitching your novel to a literary agent.  The key elements remain the same.  When you pitch your work to a literary agent, you’re selling both yourself and your work.  The purpose is generally the same for everyone:  Publish your work.  Your approach should be unique, either counterintuitive or innovative, that sets you apart from others.  You should clearly introduce yourself and your work, along with how you can help the agent’s own success.  Demonstrate to them that you have done your homework by starting a dialogue, rather than chasing them away.  If they ask, “Tell me more,” then reply with a short story that defines your history and accomplishments, phrasing both in the context of the […]

M. L. Rowland

M. L. Rowland Visits CSWriters!

M. L. Rowland, accomplished author of murder-mystery novels with a search and rescue theme, graced our group this evening.  She discussed a myriad of topics, including the distinguishing features between mystery, thriller, and suspense, as well as how she began writing novels, some of the backstories behind her characters, and where she’s going from here. Join CSWriters on Meetup.com to meet other great novelists and learn more about the writing craft!