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The Craft:  Swain’s Creating Characters – Ch 16:  The Dynamics of Disbelief

6:00 – 7:30:  The Craft:  Swain’s Creating Characters – Ch 16:  The Dynamics of Disbelief How do you cope when readers don’t believe in your characters and stories?  You plug the gaps where belief leaks out. When an editor says, “There’s something wrong with your characters,” it’s a huge blow.  You feel like you might have to rewrite your entire book!  Either that, or ditch it and move on to the next project. All is not lost, however, particularly if you have Swain’s checklist of Seven Major Categories where the bulk of most flaws fall.  By knowing what to look for and how to fix it, you can largely repair even significant errors in your current novel while avoiding these pitfalls in your future works. Join us as we cover this most important chapter! Homework:  Read Chapter 16 before arriving. 7:30 – 9:00:  Tre Critique Tre Critique is  three-member team approach […]


The Craft: GWW Ch 10 – Revision: Real Writers Revise

Please note the slight time change, arrive at 6 pm, and be ready to roll into our study by 6:15! 6:00 – 6:15: Social Grab a cup of joe, maybe a plate from Agia Sophia’s enjoyable menu, sit back, and relax. Catch up with old friends. Make some new ones. 6:15 – 7:30:  The Craft:  GWW Ch 10 – Revision:  Real Writers Revise Tonight we’re covering Chapter 10 of our text:  Gotham Writers’ Workshop, Writing Fiction. Such a grueling, but necessary subject.  It seems like we’ve done this one to death, but we haven’t, and here’s why:  We have yet to produce a novel worthy of an agent’s or a publisher’s eyes.  We’re getting there, but until we do, we need to cover this. Just not “again.” Like most of the GWW’s material, their chapter on revision contains material we have not covered before.  This time, we’re not going to talk […]